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dc.description The Index Thomisticus Treebank (IT-TB) is the syntactically annotated portion of the Index Thomisticus corpus (Busa, 1974-1980), which collects the opera omnia of Thomas Aquinas. The IT-TB includes the “analytical” (i.e. surface syntactic) annotation of the entire “Summa contra Gentiles” (4 books), as well as of the concordances of lemma “forma” from “Scriptum super libros sententiarum magistri Petri Lombardi” (entire) and from “Summa Theologiae” (part). In total, the IT-TB consists of more than 450,000 nodes in around 25,000 sentences. The annotation guidelines, inspired by those of the analytical layer of the Prague Dependency Treebank, are available here: The IT-TB features also more than 2.000 sentences from “Summa contra Gentiles” annotated at the tectogrammatical (i.e. underlying syntactic) layer. The annotation guidelines are those of the Prague Dependency Treebank:
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dc.publisher CIRCSE Research Centre, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
dc.relation info:eu-repo/grantAgreement/EC/H2020/769994
dc.rights Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
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dc.title IT-TB_PML_analytical-tectogrammatical
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contact.person Marco Passarotti CIRCSE Research Centre, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
sponsor European Union EC/H2020/769994 LiLa - Linking Latin. Building a Knowledge Base of Linguistic Resources for Latin euFunds info:eu-repo/grantAgreement/EC/H2020/769994
sponsor MIUR (Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca) RBFR13EWQN Sviluppo e integrazione di avanzate risorse linguistiche per il latino nationalFunds 25,000 sentences
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  • IT-TB_PML_analytical-tectogrammatical
    • IT-TB_PML_analytical
      • SCG_1.a16 MB
      • SCG_1.w11 MB
      • forma_concordances.m31 MB
      • SCG_4.m32 MB
      • SCG_2.a24 MB
      • SCG_2.w16 MB
      • SCG_3.a35 MB
      • SCG_3.w24 MB
      • SCG_1.m20 MB
      • forma_concordances.a26 MB
      • forma_concordances.w17 MB
      • SCG_4.a26 MB
      • SCG_4.w18 MB
      • SCG_2.m29 MB
      • SCG_3.m42 MB
    • IT-TB_PML_tectogrammatical
      • SCG_006
        • 005-SCG.DATI.6.l.m842 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.6.l.w516 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.6.l.a634 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.6.l.t1 MB
      • SCG_005
        • 005-SCG.DATI.5.l.m813 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.5.l.w499 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.5.l.a618 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.5.l.t1 MB
      • SCG_004
        • 005-SCG.DATI.4.l.w439 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.4.l.a538 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.4.l.t1 MB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.4.l.m721 kB
      • SCG_003
        • 005-SCG.DATI.3.l.m904 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.3.l.w557 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.3.l.a695 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.3.l.t1 MB
      • SCG_002
        • 005-SCG.DATI.2.l.t1 MB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.2.l.m975 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.2.l.w600 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.2.l.a737 kB
      • SCG_001
        • 005-SCG.DATI.1.l.m1 MB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.1.l.w744 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.1.l.a927 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.1.l.t2 MB
      • SCG_011
        • 005-SCG.DATI.11.l.m808 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.11.l.w495 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.11.l.a620 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.11.l.t1 MB
      • SCG_009
        • 005-SCG.DATI.9.l.t1 MB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.9.l.m850 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.9.l.w523 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.9.l.a648 kB
      • SCG_010
        • 005-SCG.DATI.10.l.t1 MB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.10.l.m743 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.10.l.w456 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.10.l.a554 kB
      • SCG_008
        • 005-SCG.DATI.8.l.m1 MB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.8.l.w636 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.8.l.a790 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.8.l.t1 MB
      • SCG_007
        • 005-SCG.DATI.7.l.m830 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.7.l.w509 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.7.l.a621 kB
        • 005-SCG.DATI.7.l.t1 MB

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